2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Mom Marathon

1 Corinthians 9:24
Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

Have you ever felt like you've just run a marathon?? On an average day I get up around 6:30am and get ready for the day... Drop my daughter off at school, which is like starting the day off in a SPRINT. Within a few minutes of pulling out of the school parking lot I arrive at work and up the stairs I go to the 3rd floor ...One of many times...

My job??? Well I think of it as an average girl job, technically I am the billing supervisor and HR person for a small isp. Up and down the stairs I go, to do daily tasks like post office and bank runs. Then its lunchtime... Did I mention on these marathon days it always seem like my daughter forgets her lunch or I have to run to the store for those much needed items...Maybe its a doctors appointment or on the best days I just have enough time to run home, start dinner, pick up the house a little, pay some bills, make an important call, take the dogs out and do all this while swallowing my lunch whole : )...Then back to work...up and down those dreaded stairs...

Then... to a basketball game,,,just barely SKIDDING in! Of course this all usually happens on a Wednesday,,,the one day I lead bible study,, not just any bible study,,,but a Beth Moore study (currently Esther) and if you have ever done a Beth Moore study...well, I need say no more...So,, off to bible study I go...6pm...

Head home about 8pm, usually to find the house in a bit of a mess. Time to pick up, make sure homework is done, start some laundry, listen to messages, and return calls...and all this as dinner, which is just in name only, is being chewed so gracefully : )...COLLAPSE on the couch and watch a bit of t.v. then it's off to bed somewhere around midnight...

Throughout the day PRAYERS are sprinkled in, asking for Gods help in many ways and thanking him for being by my side during my RACE. In the evenings I have my time with God and my Beth Moore Bible Study. Bedtime prayers...honestly some nights I only make it as far as..Father please forgive...then I'm asleep... not the best prayer ... but I know God Loves me!

Just one day in the Adventures of An Average Christian Woman!


  1. Hi Elena. Have fun with your blog - I enjoy using mine as a way to get thoughts in order and on "paper".

    I will try to stop in regularly to see what is going on with you.

    I can relate to busy days and lots to do! It takes work to make time for Bible study when there is so much staring you in the face to get done. :-)

  2. Hi Elena, I do know what you are saying. All that racing and we have to be nice too!LOL It is so essential to my peace of mind and the peace of mind of my family that I am learning to rely on God to see me into the day and onto the next. God has really shown me lately, that I have tended to put my trust in the people around me rather than that "unconditional" trust in Him, that He is in control of all situations. I don't have to be so disappointed in the situations in my life when I know Christ sees the end results and all I have to do is know all things that go wrong here on earth are things He can use for good and His victory. Knowing that, I know I don't have to get depressed or angry or whatever. I just have seek Him and then respond here in a way that I God would want me to.

  3. My Friend, I know you have so much to share.... Thank you for being so faithful and listening to what God has for you, I cant wait. I'm sure there are many that will appreciate your Transparency, all us girls are on the same boat! It is so much more fun riding the waves together...Love ya bunches and BLESSINGS to you ME

  4. Good job sister! Yes the RACE is endless but in the end we both want Jesus to say "well done good and faithful servant"! Puts a completely different perspective running daily race since the loss of a few seconds because the earthquake knocked earth off axis!! LOL! Keep eyes on our Lord and He will guide you. Thanks for your transparency....many women need to know that Christian women are not perfect...we run the race like everyone else....not superhuman, not super spiritual, not defeated by circumstances.....just patiently putting one foot in front of the other...leaning on Jesus strength! Love ya! your BFF Clarann

  5. How has God touched me? Well, He has been holding my head above water for a while now. Lately, though I am feeling so alone, so disconnected. I know that is my fault for not seeking Him first time I start to get down but sometimes I feel so far down it is hard to reach up to Him. I think that is why the song Jacalyn and Jordann sang on Sunday felt so special, ...Broken Hallelujah...


How has God touched you?